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Why Choose MBCS

When you join as a member today, you can enjoy these benefits:


1.    Pre-plan funeral or Buddhist funeral service


2.    Pilgrimage tour to Buddhist holy places like India, Sri Lanka, China etc or local tours to Buddhist centers within Malaysia


3.    Fund raising charity events to support the elderly ones by celebrating Chinese New Year and Mooncake Festival with old folks


4.    Eldercare home visits benefiting members and our panel of elder care homes to support the good cause of serving elderly members


In fact, the formation of MBCS was mooted in 1997 with very Noble Aims- both for Buddhists to earn a living through right livelihood and the benefits of doing Dana to Buddhist and the needy at large.

1.    To encourage and support Buddhists to carry out socio-economic activities based on the Buddhist Principles of Right Livelihood. To this end we have planned projects such as Buddhist funeral and elder care services.
2.    To encourage savings, co-operation and mutual help among members. Projects in mind are: arranging discount of essential goods and service for members, encourage members to purchase from Buddhist members
3.    To promote faith and right understanding of the Buddha’s teaching such as organising pilgrimage tours to India, places of Buddhist interest both local and oversea, such as Thailand, Myanmar, China, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam etc


Therefore, we welcome you to contact us to propose further activities that can benefit our co-operative's goals and the human cycle of birth, old age, sickness and death!

Why Choose MBCS
Check out the benefits ranging from preplan funeral to when you join MBCS as a member or volunteer...
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